Airborne Wind Energy

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) systems use wind energy in an unconventional way to generate electricity. The concept consists of a lift-generating flight system, which is connected by a tether or cable to the ground station. Due to the adjustable rope length, the flight system can reach very high altitudes where the wind generally blows stronger and more consistently.


A distinction is made between "Onboard Power Generation" – in which the power is generated by turbines mounted on the aircraft – and "Ground Based Power Generation". With the latter, which will also be used in our project, the electricity is produced by a generator in the ground station. The concept of Airborne Wind Energy Systems is still very young, which is why no solution has yet been implemented to market maturity.


AWE systems offer several advantages over conventional wind turbines.

Airborne Wind Energy systems can operate much more energy efficient than conventional wind turbines because of better wing utilization.

Because of the better operating area, Airborne Wind Energy systems are much more energy efficient compared to conventional wind turbines.

At high altitudes stronger and more consistent winds can be used, which can not be achieved with conventional wind turbines.

The system is compact and can be transported on a single truck or trailer, allowing for great mobility.

Since no concrete foundations are needed, an AWE system is incredibly flexible. It can be set up and dismantled at any time, regardless of the terrain, opening up new locations worldwide.